Ways to Successfully Control Pests on Your Property

The term “pest control” is a broad term that encompasses various methods for controlling and managing pests. Some pest control methods are done by humans, such as using pesticides and sprays to get rid of pests, while others are the work of chemicals. One method that has become popular lately is rodent control. Rodents can carry many harmful diseases and are also responsible for many insects and pests that are troubling homeowners around the world.

pest control

The first step in controlling rodents is to remove all access points for them. often uses poisons to eliminate pests like rats, mice, and even cockroaches. However, these chemicals are hazardous and may have dire consequences if they are accidentally ingested. Some farmers use pesticides on their crops to prevent rodents from destroying their harvest. But many people choose to use natural pest control methods to avoid insects, rodents, and pests.

An excellent place to start is with simple home remedies. Sprays and pesticides can be purchased over the counter at your local department store. But instead of using chemicals on your garden or lawn, why not use natural, organic pest control methods? Here are several:

Insecticide-free detergent – Many pest control products contain pesticides chemicals. Because they are in contact with our skin, they can be absorbed into our bodies through accidental ingestion or skin absorption. While there are plenty of organic detergents on the market that work well against pesticides, there is an organic brand that you can trust: DDT. DDT is made from plant oils and is specifically formulated to repel insect pests.

Going green – There are a lot of eco-friendly ways to go about exterminating pests such as going green with your gardening and landscaping habits. Planting flowers and herbs in flower pots and environmentally friendly landscaping options will go a long way toward keeping harmful pesticides chemicals out of your property. You’ll also want to try and use eco-friendly repellents around and on your property, especially if you have animals that might be tempted to roam or dig up gardens and lawns.

Go crazy – There are a few things you can do to attract friendly rodents and insects as well. One idea is to go wild and pick up frogs and mice to add to your rodent pest control arsenal. Another idea is to go crazy and put out bait for garden-eating raccoons, squirrels, and other unwanted creatures. I’ve heard of people using cheesecloth and newspaper to lure squirrels off their gardens, but it works best when the animals are hungry.

Properly dispose of leftovers – If you’re getting rid of pests by using traps and sprays, be sure to take everything out of the cage or other containers used to contain the pests. Many pest management professionals will suggest that you carefully dispose of leftovers because it is likely the pests will come back. If you have dead mice or cockroaches left in a box or other container, seal it up and throw it out. You don’t want to put potentially harmful diseases into the environment through pet waste.

Control infestations early – Even if you do everything right, continued pest invasions can happen. In order to protect your property from continual pests, be sure to check any areas where rodents or insects have been spotted over the course of a day or two. This could be anywhere from the kitchen to the garage. If you see any signs of rodents, always try to get rid of them before they have the chance to reproduce and spread.